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    Scientists Isolate So-Called “Zombie” Gene
    Decoding King Richard III: Scientists to Sequence Remains
    The Benefits of a Baby Gender Test
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    What affects The Cost Of A DNA Test
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    My Free DNA Kit for My Paternity Test
    The Prenatal Test: Solving the Question of Paternity
    Brazillian Player Ronaldo Takes Paternity Test
    Online Paternity Test or Over the Counter Paternity Test

  • Company News

    – 21/04/2015 – easyDNA carry out a Paternity Test on 76-year-old Father in Lithuania
    – 30/08/2012 – easyDNA Launched iGel Personal DNA Profile Image
    – 25/10/2011- easyDNA Launches baby gender test
    – 01/09/2011 – easyDNA Launches DNA Testing in MALAYSIA
    – 05/03/2011 – easyDNA Launches DNA Testing in Bangladesh
    – 05/01/2011 – easyDNA Launches DNA Testing in the Philippines
    – 05/01/2011 – easyDNA Launches DNA Testing in the Czech Republic
    – 25/08/2010 – easyDNA Explores Market Opportunities for DNA Testing in China
    – 06/08/2010 – New easyDNA Fund Subsidizes Discounted DNA Testing for Those in Need
    – 06/07/2010 – easyDNA Creates DNA Testing Fund for Social Cases in the UK
    – 20/06/2010 – Introduction of New DNA Test – The Genetic Health Predisposition Test
    – 26/03/2010 – easyDNA Offers DNA Services to Clients in Over Fifty Countries
    – 31/01/2010 – easyDNA Announces More Than Projected Growth in Sales
    – 15/09/2009 – Sixteenth International Office opened by easyDNA
    – 01/09/2009 – Expansion of easyDNA into Mexico with New Administration Office
    – 12/07/2009 – Rapid Increase in Demand across Africa Experienced by easyDNA
    – 19/04/2009 – International Management Team Expanded by easyDNA
    – 27/02/2009 – easyDNA Announces Increased Demand for DNA Testing of the Deceased
    – 31/01/2009 – Increase in Growth for Advanced Forensic Testing Announced by easyDNA
    – 01/08/2008 – easyDNA Experiences Large Increase in Cross-Border DNA Testing
    – 10/07/2008 – easyDNA Slashes Price for its Express DNA Testing Service
    – 01/07/2008 – easyDNA and DNA Check Sign Agreement to Promote DNA Tests in Congo
    – 01/06/2008 – DNA Testing Services launched in India by easyDNA
    – 01/03/2008 – easyDNA Launches Operations in South Africa
    – 14/01/2008 – easyDNA Concludes Another Successful Year of Operations
    – 31/08/2007 – easyDNA Experiences Increase in Demand for Forensic Samples
    – 01/07/2007 – easyDNA launches DNA paternity testing operations in Canada
    – 28/02/2007 – easyDNA Launches Operations in Australia and New Zealand

  • Diseases

    Lupus Disease
    Graves’ Disease
    Celiac Disease
    Multiple Sclerosis Disease
    Psoriasis Disease
    Aneurysm Disease
    Atrial Fibrillation Disease
    Heart Disease
    Peripheral Arterial Disease
    Venous Thromboembolism Disease
    Macular Degeneration Disease
    Alzheimer’s Disease
    Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Type 1 Diabetes
    Type 2 Diabetes
    Bladder Cancer
    Breast Cancer
    Colorectal Cancer
    Gastric Cancer
    Lung Cancer
    Prostate Cancer

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    Ancestry and Genealogy
    Animal DNA testing
    Bristol Paternity Testing
    Bath Paternity Testing
    Brighton Paternity Testing
    Birmingham Paternity Testing
    Cardiff Paternity Testing
    Chain of Custody – Legal DNA Test
    Chorionic Villus Sampling
    Discreet Samples
    DNA Ancestry Testing
    DNA Paternity Testing
    Edinburgh Paternity Testing
    Genetic Loci
    Glasgow Paternity Test
    Homologous Chromosomes
    Immigration into the UK
    Kent Paternity Testing
    Leeds Paternity Testing
    Liverpool Paternity Testing
    London Paternity Testing
    Motherless DNA Test
    Mouth Swab
    Manchester Paternity Testing
    Newcastle Paternity Testing
    Oral Swab DNA Testing Kit
    Identical and Fraternal twins