If you are thinking of doing a paternity test in the UK, then following you inquiry you will be receiving a free DNA test kit to be able to collect your samples.  Not all companies providing DNA tests operate with this system; some might have an added charge for the kit and moreover, the actual content of the kit and the way it is put together may vary considerably.

The DNA test kit enable collection of DNA samples with the use of a mouth swab. The home-kit is normally sent by post to any address specified and can be used for most of the DNA tests available. Paternity tests, immigration tests, infidelity tests and MtDNA tests can all be done using the DNA collected using swabs.

The free DNA kit is normally only sent out after payment has been made. This is a precaution most companies take as there have been instances where kits are sent out to people who then do not go ahead with the test. In some cases involving people in the same test living in different locations (sometimes even outside the UK) more than one kit is sent out. This has proved a loss of time and money for the companies in questions when clients decided not to go ahead with testing. Hence, in order to avoid this, DNA test home kits are sent out only after having received at least a partial payment for the DNA test.

The DNA testing kit is standard for all tests and also pre-packed so as to save precious time. easyDNA always ensures to pack four swabs per person. Whether it is a paternity test being done or another test, the kit remains the same (although swabs may be added if required). Typically, these kits have each test participant’s swabs packed in their own envelope and there will be three envelopes per kit; an envelope containing the swabs for the putative father, the child and the mother. The kit also contains instructions and consent forms.

Generally, it is always recommended to send DNA samples back for your paternity test by registered mail or courier as this saves your free DNA test kit getting lost in the post with all your samples. Regarding this issue, you may wish to bear in mind the postal service where you live (especially if you do not live in the UK) as well as the time of the year (Christmas period) and the possibility of strikes.


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