About This Test

Being a parent is a fun and enlightening experience but also quite challenging because knowing your child’s potential and their true abilities and weaknesses is not always easy – wouldn’t it be great if there was a way you could understand your children and their genes? Today you can – the Children’s DNA Discovery test enables you to learn your child’s genetic predisposition to certain physical and behavioral traits and giving you precise information about your child’s cognitive skills. Harness the knowledge you can get from this personalized DNA test today and use it to maximize your parenting skills. Results are ready within 4-8 weeks

Information That You Will Learn

Once we receive your samples, the DNA is examined carefully in a certified laboratory and important traits highlighted based on the profile of your child. The results will enable you to find out how your kid’s genes influence who they are and what they can be. Thanks to the results for the Children’s Discovery DNA test, you will learn important and useful information.

View a sample result by clicking the below image:
childrens dna

Results will indicate the height your child will be, indicating whether they will be above average, normal, or below average based on their genetics and also what sports or activities might be more suited for them.

You will also discover personality traits: will your child be an adrenaline junkie and take risks, or if they are going to be thoughtful and plan out every situation? Knowing this early can help you deal with your child’s behaviour later on.

More things you will discover:


  • How your child learns. Does your kid learn from past experiences, or do they make educated guesses with no facts backing it up?
  • Developing while learning. The test will also reveal how they handle their mistakes. Genetics plays a big role in how people actually use the information they learned from their mistakes, as opposed to just brushing it off.
  • Memory development skills. You will be able to tell if your child is going to have a great memory, or if it is going to be a little hazy. Knowing how they learn and grow can be very beneficial when they start school.
  • Is your child a lark or an owl? How their body clock works is crucial in understanding how they are likely to behave when studying, waking up and other such factors.

Special Offers

The price for our Children’s DNA Discovery Test is just £99. We also offer a special discount if you take 2 Children’s DNA Discovery Tests – just £188 for both.

We also have the following LIMITED AVAILABILITY OFFER where you can add a Diet and Nutrition DNA Test for an adult at only £99 or add a Wellness and Lifestyle DNA test for an adult at only £79.

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