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Prenatal Paternity Testing: Convenient, Painless and Without Risks

Are you pregnant? Do you need a paternity test? Do you want to do so with zero risk? easyDNA UK is now offering its exclusive non-invasive, 100% safe prenatal paternity test which provides accuracy levels of up to 99.9%* for the inclusion of the alleged father.

No other prenatal paternity test available that offers this level of accuracy as well as being completely risk free for the unborn baby and the mother in the United Kingdom.

(*if the probability that the alleged father’s DNA contains the genetic markers required of the biological father is greater than 99.9% when compared to random individuals, paternity is concluded. If the alleged father matches no better than an unrelated individual, paternity is excluded).

Why choose our non invasive prenatal paternity test?

  • Our prenatal test is a NO RISK TEST. You do not need to undergo invasive procedures like amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling which can endanger the life of the unborn baby, induce early labour or cause miscarriage.
  • With our non-invasive test you will have No side effects such as fevers, cramping, vaginal spotting or leakage of amniotic fluid which can happen following invasive procedures.
  • The sample collection for our test can be performed by a trained nurse or phlebotomist. You do not need to pay expensive OBGYN fees to collect the samples making this test more cost effective.
  • Our non-invasive prenatal test can be carried out earlier in the pregnancy than other invasive prenatal tests. At just 10 weeks of pregnancy we can determine with accuracy the paternity of the unborn child.
  • We will have your results ready in just 5-7 working days after the receipt of your samples at the laboratory.

Cost and other specifications

The test is straightforward to perform. All we require is a blood sample from the mother and the alleged father. Using the kit we provide, all you need to do is get the samples collected and then use the prepaid courier service to return them for laboratory testing.

The cost of the prenatal paternity test for mother and alleged father is £990. This includes the sample collection kit, return courier pouch, the laboratory analysis and your result sent via email.

How does the prenatal test work? The science behind the test

In this test we detect Cell-free fetal DNA the maternal blood stream. The fetal DNA is isolated and single nucleotide polymorphisms are analyzed using state of the art laboratory equipment. In this test we analyze more than 300,000 genetic markers. Applying information technology and computer science to the field of genetics we accurately confirm or exclude paternity. Our prenatal paternity test offers unsurpassed levels of accuracy.

The only time we cannot conduct the test is if the Mother is expecting twins or if the alleged Fathers are close blood relatives.

You can read more about the Science Behind the Test  learn how fetal DNA is present naturally in maternal blood samples and some more details about fetal nucleic acid in maternal blood. 

To read more about our sample collection, click here.

Can I order or discuss my test?

If you wish to go ahead and Order your test you may proceed to our order page.

If you wish to get a free consultation you can Have Us Call You directly or Contact Us, we will be glad to assist you and discuss your prenatal paternity test.

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