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Fast, accurate and reliable DNA testing offered by UK based easyDNA. We specialise in providing home DNA tests, relationship tests and a range of other tests that are affordable and completely confidential. Our testing is performed using our complete DNA test kit which is extremely easy to use. Your paternity test results are ready in only 3-5 working days. We also offer an express results option which provides a turnaround time of only 2 working from the moment of receipt of samples at our laboratory.

Looking for a Legal DNA test? We offer Sample Collection Service at Home!

Our laboratory is internationally accredited with ISO 17025 accreditation. With over 300,000 DNA tests under our belt, you can have your mind at rest that your DNA test is in very experienced hands. We also have a highly trained customer support team that will be on hand to answer all your questions and assist you in every step of the process.

easyDNA has the experience to handle your testing requirements, why trust your testing process to an inferior, cheaper lab?

Our most widely requested service is for paternity testing. Through this test we can exclude with 100% accuracy if the male tested is not the biological father of the child. If he is the biological father then he will be included with a probability up to 99.9999%. The price of our paternity test is and includes the home DNA test kit to collect the samples and the final report confirming the result.

We also offer a new and highly accurate non-invasive prenatal paternity test.

Home and Away featuring easyDNA

Our office is based in Kent and once we confirm your order the home DNA test kit is normally sent out the very same day and received the following working day.

easyDNA UK also offers a wide range of other home DNA tests through which we can conduct genetic testing to determine whether alleged relatives, such as siblings or grandparents and their grandchildren, are truly biologically related. These types of genetic DNA tests are highly useful when a member of the family is not available for testing. Additionally, we also offer legal DNA testing as well as our optional home DNA sample collection service through our network of approved samplers.

Most home DNA testing can be easily performed with an oral swab; however, it is not always possible to provide such a sample. With our state-of-the-art genetic identification systems we are able to perform testing with many other samples such as hair, garments and toothbrushes. The discreet DNA samples section has more information on the types of totally non-invasive samples that can be tested.

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How to Order a Home DNA Test

Step 1: Select your test from the following list: Paternity Test, Relationship DNA Testing, DNA Profile, DNA Art, Twin Zygosity DNA Testing, Forensic DNA Testing, Genetic Predisposition Test and Ancestry DNA Testing.

Step 2: Submit payment. For credit card payment, you many order through our secure Order Page. You may also pay via bank transfer, bank cheques/drafts and postal orders.

Step 3: Upon confirmation, you will be issued a case reference number and your DNA kit will be shipped to you.This kit contains all you require to collect your samples along with comprehensive instructions. Once you receive the kit follow the instructions carefully in the kit and return your samples in the materials provided. Be sure to include all forms are filled out completely and accurately.

Step 4: Your DNA test results are sent by email in only 3-5 working days. You may also choose our 2 days turnaround time express option for an additional charge.

For more information on our testing services, visit our frequent questions section or contact us at Visit our collection guide for information about how to collect your own samples from home using our DNA test kit. Why not take a look at our sample paternity test result to get an idea of what your will look like?.

Paternity Testing Tips and Information

Accreditation: We cannot stress enough the importance of laboratory accreditation when it comes to DNA testing. Accreditation is so important because it essentially signifies a guarantee of competence in carrying out DNA analysis. Our laboratories have the most renowned accreditations; these being ISO 17025 and AABB.

Technical Support: Make sure that your paternity testing company has the experience to offer you the best technical support throughout the entire testing process. Our technical service staff at easyDNA have over seven years’ experience dealing in DNA testing and are backed by the proper scientific support.

Testing 16 Genetic Loci : The number of Loci tested is another important aspect of your test. 16 loci is the minimum accepted standard internationally. Some companies may claim to test more but this does not translate into more accurate results.

Expecting a baby? Why not choose gender prediction testing using maternal urine to find out if you are having a girl or a boy?. This DNA test can be done starting at your 9th week following your last menstrual cycle.

We are happy to provide you with more DNA testing tips to help you with your test.If you just wish to read a variety of articles about the topics, then have a look at our blog ......

easyDNA UK operates through our administration office in Kent, England and is a branch of easyDNA, a global provider of DNA testing services synonymous with trustworthiness, credibility and accuracy. All paternity testing is performed by an ISO 17025 and AABB accredited laboratory.

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