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DNA Testing in the UK

easyDNA UK specialises in providing DNA tests that are affordable, accurate and confidential. Our home paternity test starts from just £129. Sample collection is performed using our easy-to-use DNA test kit. Your DNA paternity testing results are ready in only 3-5 working days with an express results option for results in 2 days. We also have a new, online result pick up system for instant access to your results. A paternity test will provide a 99.99% accurate results if the alleged father is the biological father and a 100% accurate result if he is not.

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Why choose us

You can trust us to provide you with the most accurate results possible. easyDNA laboratories are accredited to the highest global standards. Our customer care team is available to help you by telephone, email, live chat and also through our social networking sites. We are a truly international company offering our tests globally through our network of offices in over 25 countries. easyDNA ensures your results are ready in the shortest turnaround time without any delays, we strive to make the experience as stress free as possible. We also offer our clients a special optional home sample collection service through our network of approved samplers.


We believe quality is the key to success and consistently offer high levels of service that exceed our client’s expectations.


Our laboratories are ISO 17025 accredited and have carried out over 300,000 DNA tests. Your testing is in very experienced hands.

Customer care

Tell us what you need. We have a fully trained customer support team to answer your questions and assist you in every step.

Our Tests

Paternity doubts? Get a definitive answer with our paternity test. With an accuracy of 99.99% we can give you the certainty you need. Our vast range of DNA tests can meet any of your requirements: our many relationship tests will help determine whether alleged relatives, such as siblings or grandparents and their grandchildren, are truly biologically related. We also offer many other tests including non invasive prenatal paternity testing, DNA profiles, legal DNA testing, twin zygosity DNA testing, genetic predisposition test and ancestry DNA testing.

Your DNA Samples

Collecting your samples could not be easier! Paternity testing and relationship tests entail the easiest and most painless method of sample collection using oral swabs samples collected with our complete kit. Visit our collection guide for information about how to collect your own samples from home in 4 easy steps. Cannot collect oral swab samples? Then simply send us another type of sample. With our state-of-the-art genetic identification systems we are able to perform testing with many other samples such as hair, garments and toothbrushes.

We are focused on innovation

We constantly strive to improve our service and keep up to date with the latest developments in this area, so you always receive the highest quality of results. Our non invasive prenatal paternity test is a one-of–a-kind test that makes it clear who the daddy is with 0% risk at only 10 weeks of pregnancy. Through us, you have access to a whole range of relationship tests, forensic services, health and clinical tests and never need to go anywhere else. Legal tests offered are Ministry of Justice accredited– this ensures your results will be accepted by the courts. So what is it you need to know? Just tell us what you want to establish and we will provide the answers.

Our team is here to help you

Are you biological relatives? Not knowing for certain can create a lot of stress and anxiety. We at easyDNA understand this and can help you find the answers you need with our relationship tests. Relationship tests will help you find the answers you need. These tests include analysis between grandparents and grandchildren, aunts/ uncles with their nieces or nephews and various tests that can be carried out between siblings including Y chromosome and mitochondrial DNA testing. With a globally recognised ISO 17025 laboratory accreditation and a host of other external certificates, you can feel confident that you have made the right choice in choosing us.

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What our clients say

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time and prompt response.”
Ireland, 19th January 2010
“I cannot thank you enough for your understanding and efficient professional communication, you have been great to deal with. You are certainly a credit to the profession you are in and have a great insight into the sensitive nature of the test.”
Australia, 19th January 2010
“Its a relief and I’m so happy with your professional service your a credit to the industry.”
Ireland, 4th February 2010
“I am deeply grateful. The result is well worth the money spent. I won’t take up your time with all the reasons why I had doubts.  I was not the only one who had doubts. I have loved all three sons equally but this one has been the closest throughout our lives.  Of them all [...]
Australia, 5th February 2010
“Thank you for your email. Thank your company for the services you have provided for me and our family! I can not sing your praises enough! What an excellent company to deal with! Thank you once again for emailing me so early and putting all our minds at rest!”
United Kingdom, 23rd February 2010